Correct Your Bite With Carriere

At Beim Orthodontics, sometimes we use a Carriere appliance to help straighten smiles. This appliance serves a similar purpose to traditional headgear, but without the bulk.

What Is a Carriere Appliance?

The Carriere Distalizer is an orthodontic appliance used to help correct issues with your bite. It pushes teeth back into the correct positions, giving you a straighter smile.

This appliance is particularly useful when teeth have erupted incorrectly and need to be readjusted to help improve your oral health and the quality of your smile.

How the Carriere Appliance Works

The effect of a Carriere appliance is similar to that of traditional headgear. However, this appliance is much smaller and doesn’t require any bulky headgear.

Dr. Beim will start by creating an anchor point to which your Carriere Distalizer will be attached. An elastic band is attached to the upper teeth on either side of your mouth. This should be worn at all times unless you’re eating.

In many cases, Dr. Beim uses braces after the Carriere Appliance to complete the process of straightening your smile.