Am I Too Old For Braces?

Beim Orthodontics is proud to treat patients of all ages and help them achieve the straightened smile they are after. Taking the first step in your braces journey is huge, but we will be there every step of the way! Before starting treatment, we want you to understand some basics, including if any patients are too old for braces, our treatment choices, and the benefits they reap from care.


Begin Braces Treatment At Any Age!

While you probably see many younger patients in orthodontic offices, you will be glad to know you can receive braces treatment at any age! Did you know over a quarter of orthodontic patients are actually adults? Many people like yourself are learning that teenagers are not the only ones who can benefit from braces and improve their smiles. While care may take slightly longer for adults, it is just as effective and delivers the same excellent results.


Your Choice of Braces

Clear Braces

A popular discreet option among older teens and adults, clear ceramic braces are an excellent opportunity to improve dental health without drawing unwanted attention. They utilize nearly invisible tooth-colored brackets, which use the same technology as traditional braces, so you can count on them to reach your smile goals.

Metal Braces

Known for their reliability and improved fit, traditional metal braces have fulfilled the smile goals of countless patients. Thanks to modern orthodontics, the small brackets and light wires that make this appliance are more comfortable than ever and allow for a sleek appearance.  Metal braces are able to fix even the most complex dental issues and send you on your way to a confident smile with short treatment times.

How Long Does Treatment Usually Take?

One of the most common questions our team gets asked is how long treatment takes. On average, you can expect to be in braces between one and three years. The answer for your specific case depends on a few things, including your current oral health, the work that needs to be done, and the chosen appliance. 

Of course, some patients fall out of that range if they necessitate simpler or more complicated work. During your free consultation, we can answer specific questions and help you better understand your time frame.


We Offer Free Consultations!

Beim Orthodontics is proud to offer all potential patients a free consultation. This is an opportunity for us to understand your teeth better, but also a chance for you to learn more about our office and services to decide if you would like to begin treatment with us.

With the help of our orthodontic treatment coordinator, your appointment will begin with Dr. Beim inspecting your teeth through a physical exam, x-rays, and digital photographs. We will review your materials with you and determine what work needs to be done. Our team creates a personalized treatment plan unique to your set of needs and covers everything from how care works to offered payment plans. 

Dr. Beim will answer all of your questions so you feel confident knowing what orthodontic needs upon leaving our office. If you decide you are ready to start, we can begin your treatment right then and there! 


Am I Too Old For Braces?

Reap the Benefits of Orthodontic Care

Enjoy Smooth Digestion

When your teeth are able to properly chew your food into small, bite-sized pieces, your stomach and intestine work through the digestion process without any trouble. This boosts your daily nutritional intake and avoids stomach cramps, aches, heartburn, and an unhealthy gut. The less strain on your digestive system, the better, and having straight teeth is one of many ways to help your body function properly.

Simple Oral Hygiene

Teeth in the correct position and angle allow for easy cleaning and reduce difficult-to-reach corners with your toothbrush, protecting against developing cavities, excessive plaque buildup, and bacteria growth. Small pieces of food are unable to hide and, instead, can be flossed out with ease. If you are unsure of the best brushing and flossing practices with braces, Dr. Beim will happily show you! 

Enhance Your Self-Esteem

Some people with imperfect teeth may hesitate to show off their smile and express their happiness publicly for fear of others seeing their teeth. Being confident in your smile can drastically improve your personal well-being and desire to put yourself out there in the world. At Beim Orthodontics, our team is passionate about helping you regain lost self-esteem and show off your beautifully realigned grin to the world. 


Am I Too Old For Braces?

A Straighter, Healthier Smile Awaits You!

Providing care for Lake Mary and the surrounding communities, Dr. Beim and our team of expert assistants can work with you to do whatever we can to make your smile goals a reality. Remember, it is never too late to impact your dental health! To clear up any lingering confusion or concerns you may have, contact our front desk today, and we will happily help you out. Schedule your free consultation and begin treatment today! Our team can’t wait to meet you!