How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Are you interested in getting braces but are wondering how they straighten teeth? You are not alone! At Beim Orthodontics, our team strives to educate our patients on orthodontic topics relevant to their unique treatment plans so they feel confident in the care they receive from us. Read on to learn more about your teeth’ movement, how long it takes before results are noticeable, and what treatment options are available at our practice.


The Process of Tooth Movement

Braces comprise brackets, wires, elastics, metal bands, and additional components. Each part relies on the other to move teeth until reaching the perfect alignment. The archwire is threaded through the brackets on the front of every tooth, placing constant pressure across your mouth and gums. 

Your teeth are constantly moving, but braces work to guide this movement so you can achieve your smile goals. The soft tissue surrounding your teeth is stretched in different directions and forms new bones as necessary to ensure they are properly protected.

Adjustments and Tightenings

At each follow-up, Dr. Beim will tighten and adjust your appliance as necessary to keep the pressure on the right areas of your teeth. As your teeth move over time, he will better understand how they react to treatment and make minute changes to meet your smile goals. After each tightening, your teeth will slowly adjust to the pressure and feel less discomfort or soreness.


When Will You Notice the Results?

Aligning your teeth takes time. On average, patients undergo treatment for one to three years before fully achieving their smile goals. As Dr. Beim works to level and align your teeth, you will be able to see the edges of your teeth moving to match one another. After this, you can spot more dramatic changes in the next two to three months. Everyone’s treatment plan differs, so we encourage you to speak with Dr. Beim about specific timeframes during your free consultation.

On average, completing your smile journey with braces will take between one and three years. As mentioned, schedule changes for each patient’s case depend on their age, the severity of their oral issues, the appliance chosen, and their current oral health. You may not be able to see it, but your teeth will be moving each day toward your perfect smile!


How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Phases of Movement

1. Level and Align

The start of treatment is dedicated to shifting teeth to eliminate gaps or crowding so they sit right next to each other. Depending on your needs, pressure may need to be placed in all directions to create a straight line across.

2. Bite Issues

The second phase of treatment focuses on resolving any present bite issues, such as an underbite, crossbite, or overbite. This will ensure your lower and upper jaws align and eliminate any discomfort you may be feeling. It also improves your everyday biting and chewing function, a change you will notice immediately.

3. Fine Tuning

In the final months of treatment, Dr. Beim will work on minor changes to individual teeth to ensure they are perfectly aligned. He will continue to adjust your wires so that the right amount of pressure is placed and your smile treatment ends on time.


Available Treatment Options

Clear Braces

Clear braces offer an aesthetic appeal for those looking to work on their teeth without the metal appearance braces traditionally offer. They utilize small, tooth-colored ceramic brackets that blend in with your teeth for maximum comfort. Thanks to advancements in the field, you won’t need to worry about staining after drinking a cup of coffee. Clear braces can also potentially speed up your treatment time.

Damon Smile Metal Braces

Beim Orthodontics additionally offers Damon Smile metal braces. We provide a self-ligating bracket system, meaning they hold the archwire in place without the requirement of elastics to place pressure on specific areas of your teeth. Metal braces are more comfortable than their traditional counterparts. They utilize lighter wires and sleeker brackets to reduce irritation felt throughout treatment.


The Benefits of a Perfect Smile

Many general health benefits come with undergoing orthodontic treatment, including making everyday oral maintenance a much simpler process. Shifting your teeth into perfect alignment eliminates hard-to-reach areas, allowing your toothbrush to reach each corner of your mouth and clean off lingering plaque and bacteria. Keeping up with your oral care also lowers your chances of encountering common complications like gum disease, tooth decay, and cavities.

A perfect smile also provides the chance to work on digestion. As mentioned, aligned teeth improve bite and chewing function, meaning you can break down your meals into bite-sized pieces before swallowing. As a result, your stomach and intestine don’t have to work harder than necessary during digestion, helping you avoid heartburn and stomach aches.

In addition to the health benefits of aligning your smile, you get to enjoy the incredible aesthetics that come with perfect teeth! Beim Orthodontics strives to help patients regain self-esteem and feel confident showing off their smiles in public. Our team strives to help you achieve the smile you deserve so you can enjoy the benefits for a lifetime.


How Do Braces Straighten Teeth?

Work on Your Smile Today at Beim Orthodontics!

We hope you better understand the process of your orthodontic journey and how your brand-new smile comes to be. If you have any additional questions on how braces work, you can contact our Lake Mary practice, and our front desk will happily assist you. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Beim today to get started on aligning your teeth!