What To Do If My Braces Break?

With his many years of experience, Dr. Beim has seen broken braces a time or two. Not because he doesn’t use top-of-the-line orthodontic appliances (because he does) or because he doesn’t give you enough care information (he does that, too) or because he doesn’t install them correctly (he most certainly does!). But because your braces are with you 24/7! Accidents can happen to even the most careful of patients. Sometimes, broken braces occur if you eat the wrong food or forget to put them in their protective carrying case. It happens, and it’s okay! Let’s look at some of Beim Orthodontics’s top answers to the question, “What to do if my braces break?”

Step 1: Call An Ambulance.

We’re just kidding! Don’t do that! What you should really do first is assess the situation! Take a close look at your braces in the mirror. Do you see any bleeding? Are your teeth hurt or missing? If you don’t see any damage beyond your appliances, you are probably just fine! Thank goodness! Broken braces are not usually an emergency unless you have experienced a severe facial injury.

You also do not need to worry about the movement path of your teeth, either. Your teeth will most likely be okay until we repair your braces! 

Comfort Management

Though broken braces don’t usually cause pain, they can be annoying! Broken brackets and wires can poke, pinch, and rub against your cheeks, gum, and lips. This friction can be bothersome by creating canker sores, open wounds, and other forms of irritation. Fortunately, you don’t have to tough it out! Below are a few products you can use to minimize the nuisances. 

  • Orthodontic Wax — A removable, waxy product you can pick up from our office anytime. Place this transparent substance on your fixed or removable braces to inhibit friction and prevent the issues from worsening.
  • Orajel — A product that helps to soothe physical irritation by numbing the area. It will not stop the problem from worsening, so keep an eye on it!
  • Over-The-Counter Pain Medication — A variety of products that help to reduce discomfort. For safe and effective results, read and follow the appropriate instructions carefully.

Eat Soft Food

If your fixed or removable broken braces make your mouth sore, you should eat soft food to reduce discomfort. Even if your fixed braces are not causing aches, you should still eat cautiously so their condition does not decline. 

Cut Or Bend Broken Wires

If you have a severed or broken wire sticking out, use nail clippers or small wire cutters to trim the wire as close to the teeth as possible. Be careful that you don’t swallow the loose wire trimmings! If you are uncomfortable cutting the wire, that’s okay! Bend the wire until it is flat against the teeth and no longer bothering you. After cutting or bending the wire, place orthodontic wax on top to hold it down and keep it from poking you.

Care For A Broken Bracket

A bracket that has become loose from the teeth but is still attached to the braces can be gently pushed into the correct position and held in place by orthodontic wax. Brackets that have already completely separated from the braces and teeth should be stored in a safe place until you see Dr. Beim.

Do NOT try to glue or separate your brackets yourself; this will only cause further damage and risk permanent harm to your teeth! Please let Dr. Beim do all repairs.

Removable Braces Bonus: Have Extras

If your Invisalign or Spark aligners break beyond usability, you must wear something to keep your teeth in place. Instead of advancing to the next in the series, wear your most recent previous set to keep your teeth from regressing (moving backward) while you wait for replacement trays. 

What To Do If My Braces Break?

Let Dr. Beim Repair Or Replace Your Braces!

Instead of calling an ambulance, you should call or text Beim Orthodontics! Tell one of our outstanding team members what happened, and be honest. We’re not here to judge you (even if you were doing something you shouldn’t)! Our only concern is fixing your braces and getting your treatment back on track. Please be as accurate about your condition and the braces as possible so we can know the severity of the situation. Honesty will allow us to offer you appropriate guidance and schedule the correct type of appointment for you as soon as possible.

If you are a new patient and feel relieved about the stress- and pain-free reality of broken braces, schedule a free consultation with us today to determine which treatment you qualify for.

We can’t wait to help you achieve the smile of your dreams, so contact our Lake Mary office today!