What Do Rubber Bands Do For Braces

Adjusting to braces is a big transition for just about anyone. It can be quite the learning curve to figure out how to brush and floss, avoid certain foods that can break brackets, and adjust to an altered appearance. Rubber bands can be especially daunting for those who have never used them before. Thankfully, with the right support, your treatment with rubber bands can be a breeze.

Dr. Beim at Beim Orthodontics has spent more than 30 years helping his patients create the smile of their dreams. He knows how important it is for patients to understand why rubber bands are important and how they work in order to be compliant in using them. So let’s learn a little more about the importance of rubber bands in your treatment plan. 

Why Are Rubber Bands Sometimes Necessary?

The purpose of braces is to straighten each row of teeth inside your mouth for optimum spacing alignment. This can sometimes be accomplished by braces alone, but sometimes the brackets and wires need a little assistance. That’s where rubber bands come in!

Though inconvenient, rubber bands can be essential to the process, correcting bite alignment, reducing overbites or underbites, and closing gaps or spaces between your teeth. By following Dr. Beim’s recommendations, the rubber bands will support teeth and jaw alignment. Plus his team will give you all the instructions and support on how to use them most effectively. 

What Do Rubber Bands Do?

Braces work by securing wires and brackets along each row of teeth on the top and the bottom. Adjusting these brackets will align each row of teeth alongside each other, but it doesn’t correct the alignment between the top and bottom sets of teeth. Rubber bands are used to create resistance between the bottom and top!

Wearing rubber bands as directed will help move your teeth and jaw into the best alignment for a beautiful smile and better oral health. If you’re worried about your appearance, Beim Orthodontics can supply tooth-colored bands that blend into your mouth. Or if you prefer to express some style or school spirit, colored bands are also available. Just remember, only use bands given to you by Beim Orthodontics!

Set Yourself Up for Rubber Band Success

Though each orthodontic journey is unique, most patients with braces will end up using rubber bands at some point. Typically, Dr. Beim will recommend that you start by wearing them almost 24/7, removing them only for meals and to brush and floss teeth. It’s especially important to keep them on when sleeping and to change the bands after each removal to ensure cleanliness. Be sure to keep an extra bag of elastics on hand. 

In general, it’s important to pay close attention to Dr. Beim at each and every appointment. His instructions might change slightly, or he might recommend a different kind of band, but by following those instructions you’ll be on track for the most efficient and effective treatment. 

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