Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

When seeking braces, one of the first things you may wonder about is if you need dental insurance to get treatment. Figuring out insurance can be a headache, but the Beim Orthodontics team is here to help you out each step of the way by answering your questions and concerns. Beginning with how orthodontic treatment can help you, keep reading to learn the basics of dental insurance, the average costs of braces, and more!


What Can Orthodontic Treatment Do For You? 

The Role of an Orthodontist 

Acting as the architect of your grin, orthodontists undergo years of specialized training to master teeth and jaw alignment. By diagnosing, treating, and preventing these issues, Dr. Beim is able to help patients with problems such as bite issues, malocclusion, and jaw pain. 

Treating patients of all ages, the work of an orthodontist holds a positive impact beyond oral health. When your teeth properly function, your general health can benefit through smoother digestion, decrease your chances of jaw pain and gum disease, and enjoy greater confidence.

Treatment Offered 

Best known for providing braces treatment, Beim Orthodontics offers multiple options to realign your teeth back into place. Whether you work with metal or ceramic braces or clear aligners, we can customize your treatment to your specific needs and help you achieve the best results. We also offer the Carriere appliance with the capacity to shift your teeth back into the correct position according to your dental goals.


Is Treatment Worth the Investment? 

Pursuing orthodontic treatment is undoubtedly an investment, but the benefits you can enjoy once it’s done can positively affect the rest of your life. By thinking about your oral health now, you are proactively setting yourself up for a healthy future. The earlier you address dental issues, the less complicated procedures you may have to endure later in life. When deciding to begin treatment, remember to factor in not just the pricing but the life-long benefits you’ll enjoy.


Dental Insurance Can Allow Financial Flexibility 

Benefits of Having Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is a form of coverage that covers common dental complications, imaging, annual checkups, preventative care services, and more. By paying a monthly premium to your insurance company, you can keep your coverage active and bring it to your appointments. It also promotes overall dental health by encouraging you to prioritize your yearly checkup. Depending on the treatment you seek, it can drastically reduce your out-of-pocket costs. 

Is It Required For Treatment? 

Luckily, Beim Orthodontics does not require dental insurance for treatment! Everyone is welcome to come in, with or without it. Our team understands that figuring out your coverage details can be confusing, but we’re here to help. You will receive the best treatment and get the best deal.


Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Navigating Insurance with Orthodontics in Mind 

Even if you already have dental insurance, not all plans cover orthodontic treatment. If you are in the process of looking for a plan that will, remember to keep in mind the following:

Coverage: Comparing plans to see what treatment will be covered, eligibility for treatment, and how emergency appointments are treated is vital. Your insurance company can answer specific questions about whether braces, clear aligners, and other appliances are covered.

Premium Costs: Choosing the coverage that offers a reasonable monthly premium within your budget can help you determine which plan is most affordable and fits your long-term needs.

Coverage Limits: Some plans may only cover costs up to a certain amount of money or procedures per year, so don’t forget to confirm it matches your orthodontic needs when you receive it.

Which Insurance Companies Do We Accept?

Beim Orthodontics accepts most major dental insurance plans available in Florida. We aim to ensure patients can comfortably afford the smile they deserve through our office. You can find a list of the insurance plans associated with our office on our website. If you don’t see yours listed, call our office, and we can offer you more details!


Your Estimated Costs For Treatment

There are many factors when determining your cost of treatment, including your appliance, x-rays or other scans of your teeth, a retainer, follow-up and post-treatment appointments, emergency visits, and more.  

With Insurance

As mentioned, each insurance plan is different, so offering a reliable estimate is challenging. Your plan may cover anywhere between 50-80% should orthodontic services be included or as little as nothing if they are not.

Beim Orthodontics offers a free consultation with Dr. Beim, where your teeth are examined to see what work we can do for you. During this appointment, we can also give you a better idea of the cost of your customized treatment.

Without Insurance

Orthodontic treatment continues to advance yearly and offers increasingly comfortable appliances. Each option provides results you can trust to last you a lifetime. Average appliance costs consider how long you will need them, your current oral health, and the complexity of your case. 

  • Clear Aligners

The average range is about $3,500 to $8,000 for the complete series of aligners.

  • Metal Braces

The average range is about $3,000 to $7,000 for a complete treatment.

  • Clear Braces

The average range is about $4,000 to $8,000, slightly more than traditional metal.

Financing Your Treatment

Whether working with insurance or not, we have options for you to pay. Some patients pay in full before treatment has begun and, in turn, receive a discount for early payment. Others take advantage of our in-office monthly payment plan. 

We will break down the cost of treatment and discuss which monthly course works best for your budget after working through any insurance coverage. Our team will happily file your insurance claim to help you get the best aid.

Do I Need Dental Insurance to Get Orthodontic Treatment?

Braces Can Change Your Life!

Our friendly team of experts is always ready to lend a helping hand to new and returning patients. If you have more questions about the cost of braces and how dental insurance factors into everything, give our Lake Mary practice a call today and schedule a free consultation. We cannot wait to start your smile journey with you!